Fire Arms Certificate


For those who wish to obtain a Firearms certificate so they can own their own guns, joining an NSRA affiliated shooting club is they best way to achieve this. The club has its own firearms certificate and as a probationary member you are allowed to use club rifles and purchase ammunition from the club to use on club premises. After serving a 6 month probationary membership you can apply for full membership of the club, and then if you wish, apply to the police for a firearms certificate. Members at the club can give advice on how to do this.

The police firearms licensing unit will contact the club to verify that you are a member and attend on a regular basis. For the club to be able to do this you must be a full member and attend rimfire sessions. If you only join as an air weapons member you will not be allowed to apply for a firearms certificate with the backing of the club.

Two of the most important questions on the application form are...Why do you want to own a firearm and where are you going to use it?  Being an active target shooter at a recognised club generally provides a satisfactory answer to these, and the fact that you have been accepted as a full member after a probationary period shows you to be of good character.