As with all rifle clubs, you be required to join as a probationary member. Please feel free to come and look round the club, someone will show you around and explain the disciplines that you can take part in. By law the minimum probationary period is 3 months for people who already hold a firearms certificate or 6 months for those who do not. During this period you must make a minimum of 12 separate visits. There is a register that must be signed each visit. Probationers will also have an attendance record card which needs to be signed by the range officer on duty or a committee member, each time they visit. After these minimums are reached you will be considered for full membership.

Online application is encouraged and is the quickest way to get to shoot. The membership and referee forms are downloadable from this page and are in formats so they can be completed and saved without the need to print them out, though if necessary they can be filled in by hand, scanned and emailed back. Applicants need to supply references from two people (not family members) who they have known for a minimum of 2 years, a scan or photo of a photo id such as driving licence or passport. Online applications should be emailed to  with the words membership application in the subject.

After your referees have been contacted you will be informed about coming to shoot at the club. On your first visit to the club you must bring the confirmation email and probationary membership fee of £30.

For those without internet access, printed copies of the forms are available from the club. Please call 07830 207123 for details of where to post the application and referee forms to along with photos and a copy of ID.

PLEASE NOTE. APPLICATION FORMS CANNOT BE HANDED IN AT THE CLUB. THEY MUST BE EMAILED OR POSTED. After your referees have been contacted and then you will be informed by email or letter that you can come to shoot at the club. You must bring this letter with you on your first visit along with your completed and signed application form, signed Section 21 declaration, two passport sized photos and your completed referee forms.

Payment can be as cash or cheque (payable to Keighley Rifle and Pistol Club) and by law the club is required to give the names of any applicants to the local police.

The club has good air and rimfire rifles, which as a full or probationary member, you are welcome to use for no charge, and membership fees also cover the cost of targets.

Unlike some clubs which have a lower membership fee, at Keighley there are no additional range fees to pay each time you visit. The only additional cost is for ammunition. (approx £5-8 for 500 airgun pellets and £4.50 for 50 entry level rimfire rounds)

Fees for regional and club competitions are in the region of £2 per event so it is not expensive to get competing at county level.

For full members payment can be made by monthly standing order. When you think that as a full member it is possible to shoot 5 times a week for around £4.00 it really is great value.

Membership/Opening Times

Opening times are as follows.

Air Weapons

Tuesday and Friday

7.00 -9.30pm


Wednesday and Thursday

7pm onwards

Often the club may be open from 6pm but the official opening time is 7pm)

Fridays & Saturday 9am-12pm

(Friday mornings are for competition shooting for full members only)

Membership fees

Probationary (6 months)

Adult  £30

Junior £30

Full Membership

Adult  £196


Junior  £102


Cadet £48


Student £102

(18-22 in full time education)

Disabled £102

(at discretion of committee)

As a full or probationary member of the club you can shoot rimfire or air weapons or both. There are no additional range  fees each time you attend, The cost of targets is included in your membership and the only additional cost will be for the ammunition that you use and competition entry fees.

Social Member (non shooting)


Membership form download.

PDF format

Microsoft Word Format

Apple Pages format

Referee Form.

PDF format

Microsoft Word format

Apple Pages format